HOSTS Testimonials

HOSTS Testimonials

Read quotes from HOSTS mentors.

“The ability to share thirty minutes with students each week is a blessing. Each opportunity to see the students is a humbling experience. Each student cherishes the visit from their mentors and are excited to share their reading with others. What a blessing to serve others and share the gift of devoting time.”

“HOSTS is the best program out there. One hour with a student today makes a lifetime of difference.”

“Enjoyable program and kids! It’s a great feeling to watch students gain confidence and enjoyment with each skill they master.”

“The experience has been very rewarding. It is wonderful to watch the growth of each student, as they gain confidence in their reading skills and begin to enjoy the worlds that open up to them through literature.”

“Being in HOSTS with kids makes me think about the time I was in third grade with a mentor who loved for me to read to them every day.”

“I love HOSTS so much. My students are improving and are a real joy to be around.”

“It is amazing to see the progress our HOSTS students have made. Our combined efforts, with the highly organized interventions have truly made a difference. It is motivating to see the excitement our students now have for reading.”

“Being here for HOSTS it is great to work with kids and help them read and make a greater community for the next generation. Thank you.”

“Great experience! I have enjoyed doing this and it’s awesome to see the kids learn and grow.”

“What a great experience! I am so thankful to be able to be a mentor and help my second graders read, learn vocabulary words and play educational games.”

“Seeing the kids get excited about reading and make progress is priceless. Getting to know the students and hearing they want you to come back is heartwarming.”

“When I first began volunteering with the HOSTS program, I thought I was going to be changing the lives of young people. Instead, my life has been changed by them.”

Read quotes from HOSTS teachers.

“My students are excited every single day when it is time for HOSTS. They ask me after lunch every thirty minutes, “Is it time for HOSTS?” I love to see the joy it brings to them. They learn so many things and apply it to what we do in class.”

“They are so pleased with themselves and like to prove it by reading me their problems.”

“I cherish my time in HOSTS and feel welcomed every time I mentor. I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to work with my two students each week.”

“My students return from HOSTS proud of themselves and anxious to share what they have learned.”

“I LOVE the HOSTS program! Every year I have several students who get the opportunity to participate in the HOSTS program. These students always show HUGE growth from the beginning of the year to the end. A few of my students, over the years, have actually met their end of the year reading level by December!!! The goals set for these students are to increase an entire grade level’s growth in half of a school year! I haven’t seen that growth with any of my other students. I love that this program is reliable and consistent. The HOSTS program rarely misses or cancels groups. I like that they have a set agenda that they use each day. I believe the consistency is a big part of students success, Lastly, I love that my students get to make connections and bond with successful people throughout their community. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with this program! It is amazing!!!”

Read quotes from HOSTS student mentors.

“Being able to watch the students improve their learning right before my eyes is amazing. For me, it’s like a reflection of my past self because I was in HOSTS. Because of HOSTS, my reading improved so much that I didn’t qualify for the program the following year.”

“I think being a HOSTS mentor is one of the best things that has happened to me. I love kids and helping them learn new things. Sometimes they may struggle but no matter what, I’ll help them through it. This is my second year mentoring. The school I came from didn’t have this, and I’m glad I’m able to help them learn new things.”

“Being a HOSTS mentor is great. When I was in elementary, I was in the HOSTS Program and it really helped me. To be a mentor now is like giving back and sharing a great opportunity. Seeing and hearing these kids improve in reading and comprehension is awesome.”

“I think being a HOSTS mentor is a wonderful privilege and opportunity to have. I enjoyed seeing, watching, and hearing these kids progress and knowing I am a part of their progress makes me happy.”

“Being a HOSTS mentor means a lot to me. I love that I can make a difference in someone’s life. Helping the little ones to read is what I look forward to every Thursday. I would like to think my student thinks so, too. Being able to help the student reach their goal is also a great experience as well. Overall, I love being a HOSTS mentor and I hope to continue to be a mentor for a long time.”