Why Mentor?

Why Mentor?

You can “make a difference” in the life of a child. Research shows that your one-to-one mentoring can help a child:

  • Learn faster
  • Become more self-reliant
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Attend school more regularly
  • Have fewer discipline problems

Mentoring is also a great way to give back to your community, because when students fail, communities suffer, as well. Research shows that students who can read well by the time they are in third grade are more likely to graduate and become successful, productive citizens!

Finally, mentoring is a very personally rewarding experience. Here is what mentors have to say about the HOSTS program at MSD Wayne Township:

  • “I love spending time with the students and making a connection with them. They’ve touched my life in a positive way. I hope they can say the same!”
  • “The HOSTS program gives individuals the opportunity to get involved with children, be a part of preparing our community for the future, be amazed at how learning takes place in this environment, leave the session feeling something good was accomplished, see our schools in a more informed way, and be a good citizen.
  • It’s one of the easiest ways to enrich someone else’s life and it’s so very enjoyable.”
  • “I like spending time with the kids and making a difference to them. To see their growth and development brings joy to my heart. I’m proud to be a part of HOSTS!”
  • “It is a real privilege (and joy, frankly) to help the students improve their language arts skills and, hopefully, develop a lifelong love of reading. Thanks for the opportunity to work with such a valuable and well-run program. I sing the praises of the HOSTS program to anyone who’ll listen.”
  • “It’s an extremely rewarding experience that will brighten your week.”

2016-2017 Results

HOSTS served 376 students in grades 2 and 3. The results below are for those students who were in HOSTS for at least six months.

2nd Grade Results

  • 100% advanced 2 or more reading levels
  • 97% advanced 3 or more reading levels
  • 86% advanced 4 or more readying levels
  • 58% advanced 5 or more reading levels
  • 2nd Grade: Averaged 4.9 IRL Gains

3rd Grade Results

  • 99% advanced 2 or more reading levels
  • 94% advanced 3 or more reading levels
  • 74% advanced 4 or more reading levels
  • 3rd Grade: Averaged 4.1 IRL Gains